Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Elder Bubba Blog

To track the wanderings of Elder Bubba, I have set-up a Bubba Blog. Visit anytime at   The 3 Garlock elders--Nate, Chris, and Eric--arrived at the MTC on July 28th, and we are all anxiously awaiting news and pictures. That jibberish on the blog header is Russian for Called to Serve---how do you learn to read that?!
The gift of tongues will surely be needed!

3 people who are blogging to avoid work said..:

Dehner Family said...

How exciting. Okay- I'm with you, it really does look like jibberish!

The Jones Family said...

Sure enjoy seeing the fun stuff going on. I'm sure Bubba will do great!

Bobbi said...

We will have to "cry/laugh" together. Koltn's mission papers to go in in just a few days. Bubba will be great! I loved his farewell talk. So down to earth and yet so spiritual!