Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mike's a Duct Tape Genius

I have always said if something needs to be fixed---Mike is at the ready with Duct Tape. Construction is slow lately so this what he has been up to.

Bet some of you just get plain, old, boring fresh flowers for birthdays and such. Too bad you aren't married to the Duct Tape Genius!
Kidding----go here to see the real Duct Tape Genius

2 people who are blogging to avoid work said..:

Kurt & Shawn said...

Looks just like his work. You da man, Mikey!!!!

amanda said...

Hey Auntie! Thanks for the comment on my blog post the other day :) Good to hear from brings back memories of Texas Roadhouse and the Arizona sunshine!

so, you asked about The Cost is Correct game I went to last weekend. It was very similar to The Price is Right. We all signed a list before we went in to the show and then they called contestants down off of that list.

We played games just like the Price is Right (ie- the contestants @the contestant panel had to guess the price of an item like a coat or a James Bond DVD set to move on to actually playing a bigger game).
The show lasted for about 1 hour and they had two total rounds of contestants with 2 people getting into the "Showcase Showdown" for the prize of a TV, popcorn and some other smaller items.

Also, throughout the night, they would call up three people off of the list who won smaller gift cards to coldstone, barnes and noble, etc.

It was excellent. Really fun and everyone was involved. Let me know if you have any more questions and I hope planning goes well for your game night!! :)